City Slickers
with Chuck & Victoria

Two judgmental New Yorkers talking movies. 

Podcast Episodes

COMING SOON!!! The debut of City Slickers with Chuck & Victoria

Who Are We?

Chuck Curry

Chuck’s World: it’s a strange and mysterious place filled with the laughter of small children, the Poseidon Adventure running on a continuous loop and a vast collection of zombie movies. Chuck’s movie commentary can be been heard on the nationally syndicated talk radio program, On Air with Doug, Jen & Victoria every weekday morning at 8:50am EST 

Victoria Keelan

Victoria's World: a place on the upper west side of Manhattan where the wine flows freely, movies are constantly binged, rescue dogs are loved and where pop culture is Queen. Victoria is a co-host on the nationally syndicated radio show, On Air with Doug, Jen & Victoria

City Slickers Podcast

Chuck and Victoria met on the syndicated radio show On Air With Doug, Jen & Victoria, where it quickly became obvious they needed an outlet for their jaded New Yorker opinions and general cynicism. Welcome to the City Slickers podcast.